Pet of the Week: Cupid the puppy

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Cupid, a 2-month-old Lab mix puppy. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing & Communications at Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Cupid and about other events going on at Dakin.

Cupid is a Dixie Dog who has just arrived from Texas! She is ready to go to a new home and will bring all her puppy cuteness, energy and curiosity with her! Are you ready to take her on? Here are some helpful tips for raising a puppy!

Be patient – Accidents will happen, things will be chewed.

Be consistent – Consistency is the key to preventing your puppy from being confused if you tell him one thing one day, then another the next

Be confident – It’s important to show who is in charge from the start. Hold the leash confidently.

Use treats – Find treats your dog will REALLY behave forso you can use them to distract him from the biggest temptations.

Replacement theory – This keeps your dog from chewing on inappropriate things. If he has your shoe in his mouth, say “NO” firmly, remove it, then give him something he can chew on.

Hold the leash properly – Be sure it’s not too tight and uncomfortable for the puppy.

Utilize Confinement – When you are not around to keep an eye on your puppy, keep him in a crate or specific playroom or area just for him. Most puppies don’t want to soil their personal space.

Learn from Others – Enroll in puppy classes and learn from the experts. Puppy Kindergarten starts 2/28 in Springfield, and Puppy & Beyond starts 3/18. If your puppy is a rescue, you get 10% off!

Stop the Biting at the Start – New puppy owners sometimes allow their puppy to chew on hands or feet because it doesn’t hurt and the puppy is just so darn cute. However, when your puppy reaches full size, those bites are going to really hurt, so discourage biting at the get-go.

Use Discipline, Not Cruelty – There is nothing a puppy can do wrong that warrants cruelty. Always remember that he just wants to please you and is trying his best. If you consistently stop the puppy in the middle of the act of wrong-doing and sternly say “NO,” the point should be made. Or you can try the ignoring theory. To a puppy, even negative attention is attention, so by simply ignoring the puppy, you are showing him that he is behaving unacceptably and won’t get attention from you.

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Dog Training Classes in January at Dakin’s Springfield and Leverett locations

Here are our upcoming classes. Visit for class details and online registration:

In Springfield
Intermediate Manners for Adult Dogs Starts 2/15/17 (like high school or community college for dogs; 5 week course)
Puppy Kindergarten Starts 2/28/17 (for pups 8 weeks-5 months old; 5 week course)
Basic Manners for Adult Dogs Starts 2/28/17 (like elementary or middle school for dogs; 5 week course)
Basic Manners for Adult Dogs Starts 3/1/17 (like elementary or middle school for dogs; 5 week course)

In Leverett
Basic Manners Dog Training Starts 3/4/17 (beginner level, all ages; 5 week course)
Intermediate Manners for Adult Dogs Starts 3/11/17 (like high school or community college for dogs; 5 week course)
Puppy & Beyond (Two in One!) Starts 3/18/17 (for pups 8-16 weeks; 8 week course)

For more information visit