What lasted longer than Michael Flynn?

The Internet decided to document "things that last longer than Flynn."

(CNN) – 23 days. That’s how long Michael Flynn was in his job as national security adviser. It took the internet only about two minutes to start mocking his short-lived tenure.

General Michael Flynn went from being sworn in to being forced out so fast. Naturally the internet decided to document “things that last longer than Flynn.” For instance: “I have food in my fridge that lasted longer than Michael Flynn.”

Someone else said “my diet” lasted longer. So does “amazon’s return policy” which happens to be 30 days. Flynn lasted only 23. Even dragonflies, with a lifespan of a mere 4 months, outlast the general. “The roll of paper towels in my kitchen lasted longer than mike Flynn.”

Sure, everyone is making the same joke, but it does “put things in perspective, this lasted longer than Michael Flynn’s tenure.”

Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries survived 72 days, 3 times as long as the general did. Someone tweeted, “I once had a fungal infection that lasted longer than Flynn.” Another Noted “in fact milk bought when he assumed his role may still be good.”

However, only if it was ultra-pasteurized. You can bet a car air freshener could outlive Flynn. However, only a jokester would quip “I’ve had orgasms that lasted longer.”

Someone posted, “I’m pretty sure at least one David Blaine stunt lasted longer.” Bingo, Blaine starved himself in a plexiglass cube suspended over London for 44 days. Blaine survived but lost 55 pounds, while Flynn will no longer be throwing his weight around.

They used to say you’re “in like Flynn” …now it’s “in and out.”