Trump supporters don’t care about controversies

In Princeton, Missouri, Trump won 85% of their vote

(CNN) – The first 26 days of the Trump White House have been fast-moving to say the least. Keeping track of all the executive actions, leaks, court battles, and cabinet controversies, well, it’s a lot. Not every Trump supporter is following every twist and turn, but the broad strokes are registering with them.

Annie Dunavin loves her job. When asked, “What do you love most?” She responded, “Taking care of the babies, the baby pigs.”

It’s called farrowing and if you knew that, you probably voted for Trump. If you didn’t, well, you probably didn’t. An example of how life is different in rural America and it’s the differences that shed light on why voters in small towns are so big on Trump.

Here in Princeton, Missouri population just under 1,200, He got 85% of the vote.

Reporter: “Do you think that people on the East coast look at America different than you do…?”

Wood Holt: “Yeah I don’t know how they see it but I think they look at it different than we do.”

Martin: “And what makes you think that, why?”

Holt: “Just what you see on TV, being out there.”

Dunavin: “They’re raised different than we are. You know we’re raised family, home your country, your community.”

You might think rural life is simpler, but these folks say think again.

Bill Heck commented, “Wood (Holt)’s a farmer but what’s that 15, 16 hours a day, that’s what I work and I’m 67 years old.”

Many here don’t just work long hours they work multiple jobs. Bill Heck owns a restaurant, a liquor store and sells fireworks.

Besides farming, Holt’s also a truck driver and sells guns. A business he says that took big hit after the election. “Obama sold more guns than anybody ever did, Hillary would have sold even more… Trump is bad for a gun shop.”

Because rural voters see Trump as pro- gun meaning they don’t have to stock up fearing gun control. They also want Trump to cut regulations, taxes and people’s dependence on government. Here folks rely on each other not Washington.

Dunavin said, “It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are if somebody needed help, we’re all there to help.”

There’s another Trump trait rural Americans love. Something his detractors often criticize.

Holt said, “I can tell you I’m gonna do something and I’m gonna do it.”

And so far they like everything President Trump’s said and done, from his cabinet, to his supreme court nominee, to promises of dismantling Obama care, the Wall even Trumps travel ban, which they see as an anti-terror not anti-Muslim.

Holt said, “I don’t care where they ban em’ from if they’re sending people here that’s doing stuff like that then ban em’.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that so many rural Americans see President Trump, a New Yorker and Billionaire, as being so much like themselves. Plain spoken, self-reliant and hard working.

Anne said, “It amazes me he went from this TV star to your fired to this is what we’re gonna do. Whether you like it or not. Whether the country likes it or not we’re gonna take care of America.