Southwick water meter project another step closer to being completed

DPW Director Randy Brown
DPW Director Randy Brown says that East National Water has moved onto the fourth region of the water meter project. (The Westfield News File Photo)

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The town-wide water meter project is continuing to progress. According to Southwick DPW Director Randy Brown, the contractor, East National Water, moved onto the fourth region last week.

The fourth region consists of the north eastern section of town. East of College Highway including the streets that are north of Feeding Hills Rd.

Residents in the fourth region can call East National Water to set up an appointment. Also, any residents that are in regions one, two, or three, and still haven’t set up an appointment to get their water meter replaced, can still do so.

Brown wanted to make the community aware that East National Water is also accepting appointments on weekends. Any interested individuals would have to call the office of East National Water and request a weekend appointment.

Not only do weekend appointments give residents more flexibility for scheduling, it could potentially help speed up the project completion.

“We want to get this wrapped up by spring time,” said Brown.

The Westfield News first reported on the water meter project on Sept. 17. It was noted that the current meters at the residences are up to 20 years old. At a town meeting two years ago, Brown was able to secure local appropriated funds of up to $1.4 million for this project.

It is mandatory that every home throughout Southwick gets their old water meter replaced with a new one. Nearly 2,600 water meters will be installed in total.

Any residents in the four regions that need to make an appointment can contact East National Water at (800)-252-8556. Any questions or thoughts for the DPW, Brown can be reached at 413-569-3040, ext. 308.