School drop off causing traffic problems in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sumner Avenue in Springfield is a busy road just about any hour of the day, but at drop off and pickup times at Sumner Avenue Elementary School, not only are there constant traffic jams, but it can be dangerous for some of the students.

Parents pulled over in front of the school to drop their kids off, stopping traffic in that lane, and in some cases, kids were walking in front of traffic. This happened multiple times throughout the morning.

“This is everyday, five days a week. It’s usually this spot right here that’s usually the most dangerous, because anything could happen from that part of the street right to the sidewalk,” said Shaka Clark, a parent of a student.

This issue with parents pulling over in front of the school to drop their kids off is that there is no actual shoulder there. They’re pulling over into a lane of traffic, blocking traffic that’s coming up Sumner Avenue.

School Department Spokeswoman Azell Cavaan told 22News that parents are not supposed to be dropping off in front of the school because the road is too narrow. She said the school, along with police and engineers, determined that the corner of Fort Pleasant and Sumner Avenue is where parents can park, there is a crossing guard there for kids to safely cross.

“It would be nice if more people would walk their kids like we do, but some people live further away and when it’s snowy out it’s a little difficult to do that,” said Sean Rairign, a parent of a student.

Cavaan also told 22News this drop off and pickup procedure has been communicated to parents. Those who do not follow it are putting themselves and children at risk of injury.