Reports of Russian spy ship off Connecticut coast

FILE - Russian warship Viktor Leonov enters the bay in Havana, Cuba, Tuesday, March 24, 2015. (AP Photo/Desmond Boylan)

GROTON, Conn. (WTNH-WWLP) – A Russian spy ship has been spotted floating off the coast of Connecticut, Wednesday.

According to Congressman Joe Courtney, who represents eastern Connecticut, the Russian spy ship was seen patrolling in waters 30 miles from the Naval Submarine Base in Groton.

Courtney released the following statement in regards to the ship:

“A Russian spy ship patrolling 30 miles from the Groton SUBASE underscores that the threats posed by a resurgent Russia are real,” said Courtney. “This unacceptable, aggressive action, combined with the buzzing of US Navy ships in the Red Sea yesterday are clearly testing the resolve of a new administration. While I have total confidence in our Navy’s vigilant, responsible readiness, the White House needs to move past their seeming infatuation with Putin and treat him like the serious threat to global peace and security that he has been for the last five years.”

Courtney later downplayed whether the ship actually posed a threat to Connecticut or the Groton base.

“It’s a nuisance, but certainly not a threat to the area,” Courtney said Wednesday.

“I have a lot of confidence that we’ve got a team in place to make sure that everybody’s safe and the work going on there is going to continue,” the Congressman added.

Russian ship watching the Connecticut coast

Senator Chris Murphy also released a statement on the Russian ship:

“While this is not wholly unprecedented, it’s part of a series of aggressive actions by Russia that threaten U.S. national security and the security of our allies. Just yesterday, news broke that Russia violated an Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Coupled with escalating fighting in eastern Ukraine and Russian jets buzzing a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea, Putin clearly thinks the Trump administration has given him a permission slip to flex his muscles. President Trump and his administration must end their silence and immediately respond to these threats to our national security.”

Additionally, Connecticut representative Rosa DeLauro (D-New Haven) tweeted about the incident.

The ship was in international waters, as the U.S. territorial boundary extends only 12 miles from the coast.

According to NBC News, The Russian ship is armed with surface-to-air missiles, but its main function is to intercept communications and collect data on U.S. Navy sonar capability.