Potholes popping up across western Massachusetts

Temperature still too cold for DPWs to permanently fix potholes.

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The middle of February is prime time for potholes. Caused by the constant freeze-thaw cycle that makes cracks in the pavement bigger and deeper, these seasonal road craters can easily pop a tire or crack a suspension.

22News took our cameras to South Hadley, where viewers alerted us to the rough ride on Riverboat Village Road. South Hadley DPW Director Jim Reidy told 22News they’ve patched the road multiple times, but said a lot of that the road is not their responsibility. About 300 yards of it is up to the property developer to fix.

Pot holes may get worse before they get better. “Especially around this time of the year,” Richard Cruz said. “It gets really slippery, especially with the black ice and it’s getting now since it’s warming up closer to spring. But usually, I see cars going by pretty slow. It pretty bad out here, you can see the potholes.”

It’s still too cold to mix up the hot asphalt to fix the potholes. Instead, local DPWs have to use a cold patch as a temporary fix. Viewers have also been complaining about North Road in Westfield.

If you have an pothole problem area you’d like to report email us at Reporit@WWLP.com.