Parking lot in Chicopee covered with snow finally plowed

It's a clear example of 22News "Working For You"

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Tuesday night on 22News, we answered viewer complaints after they sent us photos of an unplowed parking lot on Cabot Street in Chicopee.

The viewers claimed they couldn’t move their cars or get out, and that was two days after a storm dropped more than a half-foot of snow on Sunday.

The owner of Cabot Liquors, right next door to the parking lot, had told 22News he was feeling the effects. Manish Patel said, “It affects business because people are parking on the sides when they should be parking in the parking lot.”

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However, after our story aired Tuesday night, showing these conditions, we went back Wednesday night and found the parking lot had finally been plowed. Our story helped bring attention to the issue.

A resident who lives in the apartment nearby told 22News the lot was plowed Wednesday afternoon, the day after 22News aired our first story. He also told us residents in the apartment received a notice saying they had to move their cars at midnight so the rest of the lot could be plowed.

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