Massachusetts mother recovering after shielding son from tree

Police: Mere inches made the difference between life and death

(CNN/WCVB) – The 29-year-old mother shielded her toddler like a super hero. She’s home with a concussion and counting their blessings.

All of the debris suggests disaster; a massive trees, live power lines and even a transformer came crashing down on Arlington mom Sarah Dredge and son Morgan who is now 2-years-old.

It happened Monday afternoon as the family was playing in the snow when wind, and the weight of snow and ice on the branches, forced tree limbs to snap on top of them.

Jonnie Dredge, Sarah’s husband, said, “I am really glad I didn’t know how big it was before I saw her alive and okay. Afterward I saw pictures and was pretty upset.”

Sarah is now resting. Residents on Morton Street, who rushed to the rescue, describe a cage of branches covered her as she instinctively used her body to shield her son.

On Tuesday, Sarah was in a lot of pain, nursing a concussion but okay. Jonnie said, “It’s the best thing that someone could do. This is our son, he’s wonderful and I think she saved his life.”

The little storm trooper back at play on Tuesday as his dad describes the family’s a miracle outcome; “They were all lucky to be far enough away from the main part of the tree…did the damage it did.”

Morgan’s aunt lives on the street where it happened. Two girls out playing were also covered by trees but just fine too. Police said mere inches made the difference between life and death.