Group advocates for lead testing public school water pipes

Public schools aren't required to test their drinking water for lead

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BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Drinking Water running through pipes contaminated with lead poses a very real danger for our children.

You might be surprised to hear that public schools aren’t required to test their drinking water for lead. The state public interest research group, MassPIRG told 22News that almost half of the taps that are tested come back with traces of lead.

Exposure to lead contaminated water can have long-term health impacts for children, affecting the way they learn and grow. That’s why close to eighty state lawmakers have signed onto a bill to require all public schools to test their water pipes for lead.

The proposal would also require schools to make sure all taps are fitted with lead filters. Advocates told 22News parents can play a role in keeping their children healthy and safe.

Deirdre Cummings, Legislative Director of MassPIRG said, “If they’re not testing on their own, or they haven’t come around to testing then it’s up to us as parents to reach out to those schools and say hey, why don’t we participate in this program.”

The bill needs approval from both the House and Senate, and then the governor’s signature to become law.