Fire departments urge homeowners to clear furnace vents

Blocked vents could lead to carbon monoxide build up in your home

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s much more to do after it snows aside from shoveling and raking the roof. Local fire departments are asking homeowners to clear snow from fire hydrants so firefighters don’t have to shovel them out in an emergency.

Another very important safety item is clearing the snow away from your heating system exhaust vents. The snow can block the pipes and cause carbon monoxide to back up into your house. Southampton Fire Chief John Workman told 22News that “It will be a good idea to check around your house to see if vent pipes are cleared .”

It’s especially important to check these exhaust vents if they’re close to the ground. Carbon monoxide is a gas you can’t see or smell, but can make you very sick and even kill you. So be sure to check the exhaust vents, both during a storm, and after it snows.