Team USA shares their favorite moments from the Sochi Olympics

Team USA shares their favorite moments from the Sochi Olympics

Gracie Gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Team USA brought home 28 medals from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, including a podium sweep in men’s ski slopestyle and a bronze medal from the inaugural team figure skating event. But for U.S. Olympians Gracie Gold, Shaun White, Joss Christensen and more, it was the moments off the ice and snow that made the Games so special. Here are some of their favorite non-competition memories from the last Winter Olympics:

Gracie Gold, bronze medalist in team figure skating: I would say the Opening Ceremony was one of my favorites, because I hadn’t been at the Games that long and it was the first taste of the athletes coming together. And all of the skaters were really together, the Team USA figure skaters, and we kind of stepped out from that ramp into the arena and it was just surreal.

Joss Christensen, gold medalist in ski slopestyle: I’d say my favorite moment outside of [the ski slopestyle] competition was when one of my best friends from Park City, Sage Kostsenburg, won the snowboard slopestyle. That was the first event of the Olympics, it kind of started everything out great for me. In that moment, I said, “Today was the happiest day of my life when my best friend won the Olympics,” not knowing what was going to happen next week. 

Hilary Knight, silver medalist in women’s hockey: One of my fond memories is hanging out at the Team USA house. Being able to go and see your family but also being surrounded by all your teammates. It’s a really cool dynamic.


Meghan Duggan, silver medalist in women’s hockey: For me, it was the [Athletes’] Village. I liked the bikes they had there, we were buzzing around on them back and forth from our dorms to the cafeteria. I think it was just great being in there with all the other athletes.


Shaun White, 2006 and 2010 gold medalist in snowboard halfpipe: My whole family was there so it was awesome. We were shopping, eating bizarre food, just hanging out so that was nice. It’s always fun when we can all be together. And they’re all wearing the USA gear, it’s their one time to come really support me. And then the relatives that don’t normally come to competitions come [to the Olympics], so that’s the best.


Maddie Bowman, gold medalist in ski halfpipe: My favorite moment was when we went skiing for fun. Rosa Khutor was amazing, the mountain was huge. Me and the girls, Brita [Sigourney], our coach Ben, just went out and skied for fun. We caught the sunset at the top of the mountain and you could see the Black Sea from there. So that was one of my favorite moments. The mountain itself was private at the time, just athletes, staff and volunteers, so you basically have this whole mountain to yourself. It was cool.


Jocelyne Lamoureux, silver medalist in women’s hockey: I think just watching the other athletes prepare in the Village. You eat meals with them, so just learning from other great athletes and seeing what they do in their day-to-day before they go compete.

Monique Lamoureux, silver medalist in women’s hockey: I find being in the cafeteria is pretty fascinating because you have every athlete from every country, so it’s pretty cool to see what other people’s habits are, and just kind of people watch or be a fly on the wall. I found that the most cool part about the Village.


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