Valentine’s Day: Don’t stress out

A new survey finds Valentine's Day can be a major source of stress, but it doesn't have to be.

(NBC News) If you really want to be bold this Valentine’s Day, consider a getaway.

“Hotel rates are 10-20% cheaper if you travel during February than if you wait a few weeks later and travel in March,” notes’s Jeanenne Tornatore notes.

It’s an option that can help relieve the stress many feel around the holiday.

“74% of people in a coupled relationship find it stressful,” says Sara Skirboll of

The main reason for that stress could be seen as somewhat selfish.

Skirboll says their annual Valentine’s Day survey found people aren’t finding time for themselves because they’re concentrating so much on their significant other.

The second big reason for stress in a relationship is money, or the lack of it.

She says the survey suggest a sense of relief from this stress is more likely to come from those in a relationship who keep a sense of humor.