Snowstorm still impacting passengers at Bradley Airport Monday

Passengers should check their flight status before leaving for the airport.

Bradley Airport

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – As the wind whipped snow across the tarmac at Bradley International Airport, crews tried to keep planes clear and passengers inside – not seeing red. Monday morning, just a few flights were canceled: most were to and from Newark, Washington and Toronto.

One traveling businessman, Ken Ruh of Farmington, CT, said he plans his flights strategically. He said, “Well when you travel as often as I do, you’re going to be delayed and you know that certain cities that you fly through, like Newark or Philadelphia, you avoid those and other ones you just hope that you get through and get on to where you have to go!”

22News spoke with one family from Western Massachusetts who changed their flight from early Monday morning to 11 o’clock to allow the airport enough time to clear the runways. Other families said they simply kept checking their flight apps to make sure their flights were still on time.

Flight Tracker

Robert and Melissa Rivera were visiting from Atlanta. They were already shocked enough by the heavy snow. “Pretty cold, and pretty busy keeping up the cars and all of that,” Robert Rivera told 22News.

The Riveras didn’t need a surprise flight cancellation added to that. Melissa Rivera said, “I had the app. I just kept checking the app, the Delta app, and I would just keep checking it that it would say on time. They kept giving us reminders that it was on time, notifications.”

Monday brought a gradual return to normal operations, after Bradley International Airport Spokeswoman Alisa Sisic said 30 percent of flights were canceled during Sunday’s snowstorm and nearly all flights were grounded last Thursday.