Shovel your sidewalk, or pay the price!

Northampton residents face $50 fine for not clearing sidewalk

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – By now, you should have shoveled the sidewalk around your home, or else you could get a fine.

In Northampton, residents are required to shovel any sidewalk that borders their property, including any curbs or ramps, within 24 hours after a snow storm ends.  You cannot put snow into or across the street.

It’s against city ordinances to do so, because it can freeze over on the roads, making it dangerous for drivers and plows.  You also cannot put the snow on someone else’s property.

22News found one landscaper Monday afternoon who was clearing his 45th property after working all night.

“It’s a little wetter and heavier than it was last storm, but it scrapes up nice, because the ground underneath is a little warmer, so that’s nice,” Tony Witman of Witman Properties said.

A Northampton ordinance also requires you to clear the full width of the sidewalk, and lay down salt or sand.  Residents can get up to two buckets of sand for free from the DPW.

Fines vary depending on where you live.  In Northampton, it will cost you $50 if you don’t clear your sidewalk.