Pedestrians warned to watch out for snow plows!

Don't be so certain that a plow driver will see you

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The past few days have been very busy ones for plow drivers here in western Massachusetts, and with all of the plows on the roads, on driveways, and in parking lots, pedestrians are being warned to watch out!

Roger is a private plow driver in Springfield’s Sixteen Acres neighborhood, and has been operating a plow for the past 26 years. He told 22News that he wishes people would not be so certain that they would not be hit by a plow as they walk the streets.

He said that pedestrians should use caution, and not walk in front of, or behind a plow as they do their work.

“Just going back out, being a little stressed out, where the snow is going to be when you go out in traffic, when you go out in the middle of the middle of the night, people go out and it makes it a lot more hazardous,” Roger said.

Roger told 22News that the storms on Thursday and Sunday have been taxing on him, as well as other plow drivers, and that they have all spent a lot of hours on the road over these past two storms.