High snow piles impacting your ability to drive safely

Many pedestrians were forced to walk in the street due to the snow on the sidewalks

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – When snow is piled up so high, and you have to keep inching into the street to be able to see around it, that’s a problem. 22News took our GoPro up Sumner Avenue in Springfield, where we found a lot of troubled spots.

“I would have to keep pulling a little up just to make sure it’s okay,” said Ashley Capeles of Springfield. “I don’t want to hit someone or even just harm myself or others, so I just have to be really careful and have eyes open at all times.”

There was a snow pile at the Cumberland Farms on Sumner Avenue. Even from a distance, the snow pile blocks you from being able to see oncoming cars; and after inching and inching forward, practically already in the road, you’re able to see if you can make the turn.

Capeles said, “You just never know, something could pop up at any minute.” That’s why, when you’re next to big pile of snow, just go slow and be cautious.

Another issue caused by the high piles of snow, was that pedestrians had to walk in the street because the paths were cleared. If sidewalks aren’t shoveled, or big snow piles block access to sidewalks, you’re going to see people in the road, so make sure you watch for them at all times.