Springfield residents brace for another snow storm

As people brace for Sunday's snow, they said this is probably just the beginning

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The sound of snow blowers could be heard on streets throughout Springfield Saturday morning as residents prepared for another round of snowfall.

Peter Lemieux 22News, “Still working on the snow from Thursday’s snow storm, just trying to make it wide enough for Sunday’s snow storm. It’s frustrating but we’re from New England you gotta deal with it, it’s part of it.”

Some residents said they had already invested hours into shoveling their sidewalks and driveways this week. Some said with more snow on the way Sunday, they weren’t sure people could keep up.

Jeffrey Stanescki said, “Especially the people that don’t have snow blowers are getting buried. I finally broke down and got one so it probably cut the time in more than half, so for the people that are shoveling, they’re gonna be out there for hours.”

But even with a snow blower, some people said snow removal this week was no small task

One woman 22News spoke with said she once received a fifty dollar ticket in her East Forest Park neighborhood for improperly shoveling her sidewalks. She said it’s frustrating when she feels the city falls short in clearing her street.

Melody Joy said, “I think they just need to be a little more diligent about keeping the roads clean. Especially on the side roads, the main roads aren’t too bad, but the side roads are really atrocious.”

As people brace for Sunday’s snow, they said this is probably just the beginning.

Casey Gagne added, “I think it’s going to get worse after tomorrow. Plus, it’s February so, might as well just buckle up and get ready for cause there’s going to be a lot more coming I’m sure.”