What do Trump and Putin have in common?

Dugin is seen as one of the architects of Russia’s growing ideology

(CNN) – U.S President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have frequently expressed admiration for each other, but what does that “bromance” mean for the future of the world?

Meet the man who has been dubbed “Putin’s brain”. Ultra conservative philosopher and TV personality, Alexander Dugin, is a champion of Russian nationalism, and, he says president trump is on the same wavelength.

Alexander Dugin: “As long as I could judge on Donald trump, I have remarked many, many similarities with my thoughts. And his inauguration speech discourse was as if I would write it myself.”

Dugin is seen as one of the architects of Russia’s growing ideology, a conservative nationalism with roots in the Orthodox Church that is being exported across the world as an alternative to liberal democracy.

“November 8, 2016 was an important victory for Russia and for Putin personally,” said Dugin.

Dugin says that Putin didn’t meddle with the U.S. election but that he provided trump with a different kind of assistance.  “The real help of Putin to trump was the example shown, how we could challenge the country,” said Dugin.

Clarissa ward: “He provided an inspiration?”

Alexander Dugin: “Yes, inspiration. And a kind of example, example to challenge the status quo, to challenge the conventional wisdom, challenge all this totalitarian principles of globalists and ultra-liberals.”

Clarissa ward: “So do you think that president Putin and president trump can carve out some kind of new world order together?”

Alexander Dugin: “Yes but not only together, with the participation of others.”

Not everyone agrees, Dugin is a controversial character, even here, but his rabid brand of anti-liberalism appears to be spreading.

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