Truck drivers explain why some don’t clear snow

The short answer: "We have no way of clearing it off."

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Even after the roads are plowed and sanded, drivers still face another hazard: Snow flying off the tops of tractor trailer trucks onto your car.

“Snow does come off the top and can blind your vision, you got to be kind of careful. Stay back a little,” said Jim Minelli of Westfield. 22News asked him, “Do you think that they should have to be required to do something?” Minelli answered, “That’s a tough call because the guy’s got a tough enough job driving the truck, you know? I mean, how’s he going to get up there and clean it and everything?”

22News went to the F.L. Roberts truck stop on West Columbus Avenue in Springfield to find out from the tractor trailer truck drivers themselves why they don’t clear off the tops of their trucks. The short answer: “We have no way of clearing it off.”

That’s according to truck driver Dean Martin from Michigan, but it may be an exaggeration. He said big trucking companies or delivery companies like FedEx and UPS attach steel trailer sweeps to the top of the trailers, but he said smaller companies can’t afford those.

Martin said often times, the trailer itself is covered in snow when he pulls in to hook it to his truck for a job. But, he said the drivers are still the ones responsible to clear it off. Martin doesn’t have a ladder. He said those are only for flatbed trucks. Even with one, he said, he feels it would be dangerous to get up that high in ice or snow conditions.

Martin told 22News, “It’s hard to get up there, but we’re still getting tickets in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvana, so whenever you go under a bridge, yeah. We try to do the best we can.”

We checked with Massachusetts State Police about the laws in our Commonwealth. According to Massachusetts law, any driver can get pulled over for failing to remove snow or ice. Drivers could be fined from $40 to $100.