Thursday’s winter storm dropped close to a foot of snow in Boston

People are bundled up in their winter coats

BOSTON (WWLP) – Downtown Boston is certainly busier Friday than it was yesterday. Cars are back on the road. People are bundled up in their winter coats, braving the elements after Thursday’s storm kept many indoors.

The first big storm of the year dumped ten-and-a-half inches of snow in Boston, and now people are just trying to deal with the clean-up.

Although the sun was out on Friday, it was bitterly cold outside. The snow hasn’t fully melted yet, so you can see piles of the powdery mix accumulating near the sidewalks.

The roads, for the most part, are pretty clear near the State House. With freezing temperatures, city and state officials are mostly worried about black ice.

James Hurley of Ludlow told 22News, “Walking the streets, actually they’re pretty clear, but where the buildings are blocking the sun it is kind of slippery, so you just have to watch where you’re going and be careful.”

If you spent the day cleaning up the snow, don’t put the shovel away just yet. Another snow storm could make its way to New England early next week.

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