Some local residents think snow plows could have done better job

22News spotted several fire hydrants buried underneath snow

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Snow-covered streets, hydrants hidden by snow, and bus stops still not shoveled. Thursday’s snowstorm buried the City of Springfield beneath 16 inches of snow.

Sumner Avenue is one of the busiest streets in Springfield. On Friday, you could see drivers taking their time, as they tried to avoid sliding on snow packed streets. One car got stuck on State Street and had to be pushed by its passengers.

Julie Mardner of Springfield told 22News, “I do think that there are some main roads that need to be done properly, like State Street.”

Some people are satisfied with the city’s clean-up efforts. Brandon Shenas of Westfield said, “I think it was good with the amount of snow we had. I think they did a good job cleaning and getting the roads safe enough that we can see enough to keep ourselves safe.”

22News spotted several fire hydrants buried underneath snow. If you’re unable to dig it out, call your fire department. It’s important they have access to this in case of an emergency. Not clearing a fire hydrant on your property can earn you a $100 fine.

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