“Saturday Night Live”: Girls will be boys

Alec Baldwin returns for a record 17th time hosting SNL

(CNN) – Alec Baldwin is back hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, but will Rosie O’Donnell be portraying President Trump’s top strategist? Some fans are hoping girls will be boys.

Fans are expecting a Trumpathon this weekend when Alec Baldwin returns for a record 17th time hosting SNL.

President Trump can. The teaser alone probably annoys him. Lately the big deal has been Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Politico reported sources close to President Trump said that what bothered the president most about the portrayal was that the role of Spicer was played by a woman. That made some women mad, and sparked a push to draft Rosie O’Donnell to play trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon.

On Thursday Rosie tweeted this photo of Bannon as a puppeteer with the President on his lap, since there’s such bad blood between Rosie and the President.

Trump critics figure it would drive President Trump nuts to see her play Bannon. Rosie tweeted “available – if called I will serve!!!!” the Huffington Post compiled an entire cast of women, from Ellen Degeneres as Mike Pence to Betty White as Attorney General Sessions.

But sorry, Rosie fans, we have a 5-word answer from Rosie’s rep. “she is not doing SNL.” When it comes to Rosie and President Trump, maybe the wall should separate them.