Protesters block Devos from from entering public schools

One protester even walked besides her shouting, "go back! Shame, shame"

Photo Courtesy: WJLA/CNN

(WJLA/CNN) – Protesters briefly blocked education Secretary Betsy Devos as she tried to enter a public school on Friday morning. In a statement issued later that afternoon, Devos said while she respect peaceful protests, she “will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the department of education.”

Things don’t seem to be getting any easier for Betsy Devos. Days after being confirmed as the new secretary of education, protesters blocked her from entering a public school in Washington D.C. Friday morning.

Devos arrived at Jefferson Middle School Academy where she was greeted by demonstrators who kept her from entering the school. One protester even walked besides her shouting, “go back! Shame, shame” as she got into a SUV and drove off.

Devos was able to enter the school later and meet with students and faculty.

CNN affiliate WJLA reported the Washington teacher’s union organized the protest, but that union members were not the ones blocking her entry. Some witnesses say Devos was almost knocked to the ground at one point, though it wasn’t clear by whom.

Devos was one of trump’s most controversial appointments, and was strongly opposed by senate democrats during her confirmation process.

Senator Tim Kaine: “If you cannot be a champion for public schools you should not be secretary of education.”

Question: “you can’t say definitively today that guns shouldn’t be in schools?”

Betsy Devos: “Well, I will refer back to Senator Enzi and the school that he was talking about in wapiti, Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine that there is probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies.”

Vice President Pence cast a historic tie-breaking vote in the senate Tuesday to get Devos confirmed.

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