New features for Facebook’s safety check

This feature has been really helpful over the past few years

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – When there is an emergency or a major event somewhere in the world, Facebook encourages users in the area to tell their friends online they are safe. Now, its safety check feature has gotten a helpful upgrade.

Facebook is a tool to connect people all over the world. Most people use it for sharing pictures and happy birthdays. But, over time Facebook has evolved into a community platform to help people around the world.

In October of 2014, Facebook announced the roll out of Safety Check, a feature that allows users anywhere in the world to tell their friends they are safe in a disaster or emergency.

This feature has been really helpful over the past few years including the Orlando Nightclub Shooting, the 2016 Nice Attack and the Oakland Warehouse Fire.

On Wednesday, Facebook made a huge change to this feature. Now, after marking yourself safe after an event, users have the option to give help to others or to find help.

To find help you choose from categories such as food & water, transportation, shelter and baby items, and then create a post that further explains what you need.

If you want to offer help, like a spare room or extra food, you can scroll through the posts and directly message someone who needs your help.