What Trump’s border wall could look like

Trump's wall sets out to be 2,000 miles long and 30 feet high

(CNN) – President Trump is sticking with his promise to get a wall built along the nation’s southern border. On Wednesday the president said his wall is currently being designed. Now, there are new details on that possible design from someone who knows the president well and was asked to help.

One month after Donald Trump won the presidency he turned to billionaire builder, sometimes business partner and longtime friend Jorge Perez for help building a wall along the U.S. Mexico border.

Dubbed Miami’s condo king, Perez’s company has shaped skylines worldwide. In December Perez received an email attachment with a message penned by Trump.

Perez said, “The handwriting was his that went with the attachment.”

The email, which CNN saw under the condition it not be shown, was sent from the Trump organization and signed by Trump. These images resemble the ones in the email.

Perez said, “Inside the email was the wall the 2,000 mile 30 foot wall with some sketches and he said ‘I’d love to get you involved in this please give me a call’.”

A patrol road would separate the wall from a secondary barrier. Another email attachment, a map, showing the wall extending from California to West Texas.

Though the images he received are unlikely the final plan, it’s a look at Trump’s early vision for the wall.

“See that ceiling? That ceiling is much lower than my wall.”

Trump has spoken in general terms about the wall and the few details we have heard have changed including that 2000 mile length.  “You have a lot of natural barrier, a lot of things. So the wall is 1,000 miles, alright?’

Former customs and Border Patrol Agent Rowdy Adams worked the southern border during his 28 year career.

Reporter: “So when the president talks about the wall it’s often times in the terms of, it would be a concrete wall, something similar to this. You say bad idea why?

Rowdy Adams: “It’s a bad idea primarily for an officer safety reason. You cannot see on the other side, to determine what it is that may be additional threats.”

Adams does see benefits of having two barriers in urban areas. “By the time someone breaches that first barrier and across the road way in this particular case in an urban environment you might want a secondary fence to slow them down until a response vehicle shows up in time.”

The White House did not deny Trump reached out to Perez for help building the wall. In an email to CNN a spokesperson said “we are not aware of any conversations between the two.” a senior white house official speaking more generally  tells CNN Trump has been looking at various blueprints and sketches of the wall along with his top advisers.

Perez, a democrat, turned down Trump’s request to help build the wall. “I think it’s an insult to all Hispanics and maybe all immigrants in this country and also because I don’t think it’s going to achieve his purposes.”