Watch: Cardinals’ running back David Johnson jumps OUT of pool

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson, shown in a 2016 file photo, is doing just fine as he rehabilitates his knee. (AP file)

(NEXSTAR MEDIA) — We are used to seeing athletes do the unthinkable out on the field — or court or ice or track or whatever. But thanks to social media, sometimes we are lucky enough to see some truly crazy stuff behind the scenes.

Everyone has their favorite feat, but Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson may have just topped it.

That’s Johnson jumping OUT of a pool. The video doesn’t say how deep it is, but Johnson is listed as 6-foot-1 by the Cardinals and the water is more than half way up his thigh.

The crazy part? Johnson performed the feat during a rehab session! Johnson suffered a sprained MCL during the Cardinals’ regular-season finale on Jan. 1. Six weeks later, he can jump out of a pool.

Johnson’s tweet says, “Progress going great!”

Yeah, I’d say so.