Storm provides much-needed business for plow contractors

Relatively mild winter has been hard on companies

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Until Thursday, we really had not had any large snowstorms this winter. And for some local business owners, this relatively mild winter has been a bad thing.

So for those in the snowplowing business, it was good to see the snow piling up. Any kind of snowstorm keeps them busy, but Kyle Snow,  manager of Snow & Sons Landscaping- a company that also does plowing- says that the timing of the storm can also make a difference.

“It is easier when a storm comes in overnight, we can get out earlier in the morning, get everything cleaned up before anybody really gets up and gets moving, but in day storms, we just work around it, and as soon as it’s done we just get out there as soon as we can,” Snow said.

He told 22News that their focus Thursday was keeping businesses that are still open accessible. Once the snow has finished accumulating, they moved on to plowing residents’ driveways and other businesses.

Snow said that they had just about their entire team working Thursday, to clear out all the snow.