Springfield will spend more than $300K to clean up the snow

Police issued 200 tickets and towed more than 40 cars

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The first major snowstorm of 2017 dumped more than a foot of snow on western Massachusetts.

The City of Springfield received 16 inches of snow. Thursday night, there weren’t a lot of cars in the downtown area and not a lot of people walking around. That could have been because of the wind, which was so strong, it was whipping the snow right in your face, making it hard to see.

Will Fuller, who was shoveling snow at Court Square, said, “The wind is just blowing in your face. It’s really tough. You have to have your face covered, and everything like that, and make sure you’re bundled up, layered up and stay warm.”

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Springfield’s Department of Public Works has high-tech help tracking their progress clearing busy streets. “We got 12 inches of snow in about 5 ½ hours,” said DPW Director Chris Cignoli. “We had about 160 plows out. One of the issues was, we were just trying to keep up with the amount of snow. We’re going to be going back, hitting the mains once again; and so tomorrow morning, everybody will hopefully be able to get to school and work without a problem.”

Another problem for the plows on Thursday, people were ignoring the parking bans. So far, Springfield Police issued 200 tickets and towed more than 40 cars.

Springfield will spend almost $350,000 on the snow cleanup. Cignoli told 22News all city streets should be cleared by Friday morning.

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