Snow storms particularly tough for truckers

Drivers have to use extra caution in difficult conditions

WHATELY, Mass. (WWLP) – Today’s snowstorm made for slippery conditions on the highways and secondary roads, but truck drivers had to get to their destinations anyway.

The snow was falling hard for most of the morning and early afternoon across the region. In these conditions, it is important to drive slowly, especially while making turns.

22News asked truck drivers about what they have been dealing with. “All winter, I’ve been hitting every major storm from Washington to Massachusetts. Every major storm. I’ve been through it all. Just proceed with caution,” Daniel Knisley of Chicago said.

Knisley said that during a snowstorm, he makes sure to keep windows clear, avoid slamming on the brakes, and staying in one lane.

Whether it is a storm or not, Knisley said it is important for trucks to leave enough space behind the car in front of them.