Movies to see when the weather is better

"Split," "The Founder" may both be worth your time

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Since we’re so snowbound, let’s pass the time reflecting on the movies we haven’t seen, but should see when the weather’s better.

Showtimes for Split

There’s something about a multi-personality thriller that sets them apart. “Split” is a fascinating psychological nail biter. It’s made even more appealing by James McAvoy’s creepy performance, balancing 23 separate personalities.

It’s possible you’ve already seen “Split”, which has been the most popular film during the past three weekends.


Showtimes for The Founder

“The Founder” should be your second choice: a forgotten film badly in need of an audience. Michael Keaton, sensational as always, plays Ray Kroc, the slick business empire builder, who had the vision to create the McDonald’s fast food empire. True, he stole the company from the McDonald brothers, but he can be forgiven due to their cluelessness. “The Founder” is a sharp, amusing satire of what it takes to be one step ahead of the other guy.

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See you at the movies!

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