Most expensive cup of coffee costs $18?

Their Ethiopian Arabica coffee is grown in Panama

NEW YORK, NY. (CNN) – The most expensive cup of coffee in the U.S. can now be found in New York City. One cup will cost you $18.

Come for the ambiance. Walter Vayo, a customer said, “I think it’s different from a normal coffee shop, nicer environment I think.”

And a good tasting brew. Victoria Shorman, another customer said, “It’s very aromatic, fruity, and I’m enjoying it, good temperature.”

But how about the price? Extraction Lab in Sunset Park has earned the distinction of having the most expensive coffee in America.

Joe Murphy said, “Well, I’m a chef and heard about the $18 coffee and had to have it.”

Their Ethiopian Arabica coffee is grown in Panama and made in one of two $7,000 coffee makers called “The Steampunk.” It was already sold out.

Joe Murphy had to opt for some of the cheaper options. “We’re trying three different coffees that they have and then we’re going to get all of the pastries that they have as well and try that as well.”

Reporter: “Nice, nice! Nice little tasting menu.”

Murphy: “A little afternoon break.”

When asked, “Were you disappointed when you found out it was sold out?” Anna Green said, “Oh there was no way I was going to pay that much for coffee.”

Owner of the new java joint, Thomas Perez, says it’s not about having the most expensive coffee; it’s more about the experience. “For the people who really want to go wild and try something special, we have that special coffee, it’s amazing.”

At $4.75, the herbal tea a lot more my speed, but if you’re interested in one of their bourgeoisie brews at $14 or $18 a pop.