Falcons ‘bird lady’ controversy, fans stranded

So now freeman is in Houston trying to find a way to get fans here

(CNN) – An Atlanta Falcon’s superfan is facing heat after other fans alleged they paid her big money to go to Houston to see the falcons play in the super bowl only to end up stranded in Atlanta. The superfan made it to Houston and she claims it’s not her fault the others were left behind.

Carolyn Birdlady Freeman, Falcons Fan said, “I know I’m a good person. People love me. Even though people try and turn on me and be mad right now.”

Falcon’s fans are turning on Carolyn Birdlady freeman because many of them believe she turned on them. The Falcon’s unofficial mascot organized a bus trip from Atlanta to Houston for Falcon’s fans.

Some people signed up for packages that included event tickets and hotel rooms. When fans showed up Wednesday to head to Houston, there was no bus, no tickets and no hotel rooms. Freeman says it wasn’t her fault.

Freeman said, “I got lied to and I got scammed.”

Freeman says a friend told her about a man who wanted her to be the face of the bus trip. Her face is on the flyer. She says fans paid him. Through his website and she had nothing to do with the money.

Freeman says now he won’t return her calls. I tried to call him but got no answer. Fans became incensed when they saw video of her on a plane to Houston. She knew that didn’t sit well.

Freeman said, “I said watch and see, as soon as some body see me on this plane they gonna turn on me. Everybody love me before I got on that plane. But when I got on that plane everybody hated me.”

So now freeman is in Houston trying to find a way to get fans here. She says she has two buses and is trying to find hotels. I asked her what she has learned.

Freeman said, “Check the facts. You got to check everybody up and down because everybody is not an honest person.”

It’s unclear how many people purchased the super bowl packages.