TV sales strong heading into the big game

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – When is a 55-inch TV set not adequate? When the Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl! Well, at least that is how some customers at Best Buy in Holyoke felt Friday.

The store has been busy with shoppers trying to take advantage of sales on televisions before the big game.

Arlington Duncanson, Chicopee Patriots fan said, “My favorite team is in the superbowl, so ya, we have a nice sized TV now but we want a bigger one and more clear just so I can enjoy the game a little more because I can’t be there.”

One customer told 22News that he is replacing his 55” set with a new 65” set, which he said is his way of honoring the Patriots.

Glenn Rokosz, Best Buy sales staff mentioned, “He’s not alone. According to a salesperson that 22News spoke with, the pride of having a large television is important to a lot of people, particularly if they are having a party for the big game.”

One shopper told 22News that he just saved $700 on buying a big screen TV on Friday; just in time for the Super Bowl.