Is it professional for lawmakers to snap selfies on the job?

The public and the media are still banned from taking photos or videos.

BOSTON (WWLP) – State representatives are now allowed to take photos in the House chamber while they’re in session.

It may sound like a silly rule, but most people aren’t allowed to take photos of the House chamber during session.

Under a so-called “Rule 2” change, state representatives will now be able to snap photos in the House Chamber, but there are restrictions.

Lawmakers can take pictures on the job, but other members, staff or guests can’t be in the picture without their written consent. The public and the media are still banned from taking photos or videos of the chamber during sessions.

22News asked Western Massachusetts lawmakers whether they think it’s professional to snap selfies while members are debating major legislation.

“So many reps use social media to get the word out on what we’re doing on a daily basis to our constituents, to our supporters so that opens it up,” said State Representative Aaron Vega.

State Representative “Smitty” Pignatelli told 22News, “I respect the body. I respect the room that we’re going into. I think we need to treat it more professionally.”

The House Speaker will now have the power to allow media into the chamber for special events.