Brady and Belichick looking for 5th Super Bowl title

Pats fans travel to Houston to see what might be Brady and Belichik's last Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady

HOUSTON (WWLP) – It’s exciting to think that in just a couple of days, the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons in NRG Stadium. But this won’t be the first time the Pats have played on this field.

This is where the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2004, and many fans have said they think history will repeat itself.

The Patriots roster have changed drastically since Super Bowl XXXVIII. A lot of players have come and gone over the past 13 years, but two things have remained the same: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

A Pats victory on Sunday would make Brady the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to win five Super Bowls.
22News spoke to one Pats fan who said that that’s the reason she bought tickets to Super Bowl LI.

“We figured it’s Tom Brady’s possibly last. I know he wants to continue playing, but it may be his last Super Bowl,” Catherine Didonatio told 22News. “It’s going to be five, and what other player in NFL history is going to do that?”

A win on Sunday would also be Bill Belichick’s fifth title as head coach of the Patriots. Belichick was asked earlier this week what his life would be like without football. He said he hasn’t thought about that; right now, he’s too busy focusing on the game.