Are Massachusetts marijuana laws too lenient?

The state allows residents to have six marijuana plants per person, with a 12 plant limit per household

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(WWLP) – Recreational marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in December of 2016, which means adults 21 and older can legally smoke and grow pot plants in their homes.

Massachusetts residents can grow 6 plants per person, with a 12 plant limit per household; this amount is not uncommon.

According to the Yes on 4 Coalition, Colorado also allows its residents to have 6 plants per person, only 3 of which can be flowering at one time, but there is no household limit. California only allows 6 plants per household, Oregon allows 4, and Washington does not permit home grow whatsoever.

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Massachusetts lawmakers already voted to delay legal retail marijuana sales by 6 months, to July of 2018. In December, members of the Massachusetts House and Senate told 22News they are considering reducing the number of pot plants per household. State lawmakers have yet to file legislation to limit the number of plants adults can grow at home.

It is still illegal to smoke pot in public, and driving while high could result in an OUI. You can carry one ounce of weed with you and have up to 10 ounces inside your home.