App allows you to report potholes in western Mass.

You can also report any problems in your city or town

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News went to Route 5 in West Springfield, Friday night, responding to your concerns about troubled potholes that are causing some damage. Sometimes they’re not just inconvenient, they’re costly.

“I’ve already lost one tire to the potholes on Route 5,” said Louie Dixon, who is vacationing in Springfield. “They should be out there fixing them instead of other people who can’t afford them, that are going to have to pay for it out of pocket.”

Well if you want to get them fixed faster, try the SeeClickFix app. It allows you to report any problems in your city or town, including potholes, directly to city leaders. The good thing about this app is not only can you report issues you see but you can view a list of other issues your neighbors have reported.

“They should get that app on their phone because if I had paid attention, I would’ve drove around it,” said Dixon.

The app allows you to report other things too; everything from illegal dumping to downed trees during a storm. However, it’s important to note any issues on highways or major roads like Route 5, are the state’s responsibility to maintain.