U.S. basketball players caught U.N. travel ban flap

The ban prevents people from seven Muslim majority countries from traveling to America

(CNN) – The world of international relations can be dramatic and often discordant. It can see leaders play out passions through pen strokes and politics making decisions that affect us all.

Traditionally, there’s another form of foreign relations that usurps anything decided by governments sport. Even there, the Trump travel ban is having an impact. Becky Anderson tracked down two American basketball players who play for a team in Iran. Now they’re stranded in Dubai.

Two American basketball players, they like thousands of others around the world are caught up in the controversial travel ban by new U.S. president Donald Trump. It prevents people from seven Muslim majority countries from traveling to America.

Based in Iran since late last year, both players recently traveled to the use to renew their visas that is when they learned of Tehran’s decision to ban U.S. citizens in retaliation to trump’s move.

Joseph Jones said, “The way Donald Trump has done it, the order he’s made is hurting me. It’s hurting me and JP, it’s affecting us by Iran wanting to do the same thing and so it’s keeping us from going back to provide for our families.”

J.P. Prince said, “We’re just kind of stuck in the middle. We hope they will get it fixed out. It’s definitely not an America that I grew up in and I don’t think it makes us look good on the global stage, but Trump is our president and that’s who the people selected so you have to live with the results.”

Joseph Jones also mentioned, “My teammates, they’re just waiting for us to come back. They started practicing on Saturday and when we’re not there, things might not go as smoothly and they’re sending messages and waiting for us to get back as soon as possible.”

J.P. Prince said, “We have a chance to make it to the finals and play for a championship hopefully so you want to finish the job that you started.”

Jones said, “For me, Iran is just sitting in the car a lot, a lot of traffic, a lot of car – going back to hotels, eating, sleeping, waking up, doing the same thing over again. I still have clothes in Iran, my Playstation 4, something I’m very attached to, but like my mom said, those things are material things. If I have to leave, I have to leave.”

J.P. Prince said, “It’s been a great experience, something I’ll remember and cherish and tell my kids and it’s great when you come back and it’s not a place that a lot of people have been before.”

Joseph Jones said, “For Trump and the Iranian government, my message is just to try to get things settled. I’m a little guy from Normangee, Texas, pretty much a nobody and it’s caught up with me, it’s affecting me.”

J.P. Prince said, “There’s nothing you can tell Trump. I’m sure he’s heard it all by now: we’re a country built on people from all nationalities, races, countries so we don’t deny anybody, that’s not what the foundation of our country is built on.”