Tips to keeping fit on the road

Try packing some workout equipment like a jump rope or suspension bands

(CNN) – Traveling for work definitely has its perks but it can wreak havoc on your habits. One habit that typically gets sabotaged by long periods away from home are workouts but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you travel for work, eating healthy and exercising often fall by the wayside. It doesn’t help if meals are on your company’s dime. Here are some tips for staying health on the road. For starters. Don’t treat business travel as a vacation.

Most people tend to put their workout routines on hold while traveling and that can set back your fitness goals. Before you hop on a plane or hit the open road. Do some research.

Get online and find a gym workout facility or fitness class that you can fit into your schedule. Worst case scenario. There’s always the hotel gym. Most are equipped with a few cardio machines and free weights. It’s not much but it gets the job done.

If your hotel has no gym. Try packing some workout equipment like a jump rope or suspension bands.

They’re easy to pack and easy to use. Probably the toughest thing to do while traveling for work is maintaining a healthy diet. Plan to eat small amounts throughout the day to keep from getting hungry.

Healthy snacks are great to keep handy and skip the drive-thru! You’ll have better luck finding healthy options at a local grocery store. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.