Nancy Dell: What is white whole wheat?

Your multi grain bread should say 100% whole grain

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I see White Whole Wheat breads being sold. Are they as good as regular whole wheat?
Neil, Internet

The bread we know as regular whole wheat is actually made from red wheat. This is the most common wheat grown in the United States. 

White wheat is a different variety of wheat that is much lighter in color than the red wheat. White wheat also has a more mild flavor and a softer texture than red wheat, so many white bread lovers would find white whole wheat more palatable.

Both red and white whole wheat are good sources of fiber, some minerals and some B vitamins. The key to getting the benefits is to buy a bread that says 100% whole grains, whether that grain is 100% whole red wheat, 100% whole white wheat, 100% whole rye, or a mixture of 100% whole grains. So even your multi grain bread should say 100% whole grain.

What about breads that say 2 or 3 times the fiber of whole grain, are they better for you?

No. To make those breads the manufacturer often use a fiber, maybe even wood pulp, that is ground up into a very fine powder and added to the bread.

The powder can be so fine that the benefits of the fiber are lost. So just look for the 100% whole label.