Mexicans boycott American brands

The trade deal has favored Mexican exports to the United States by far its biggest trading partner

(CNN) – Mexicans are furious at president Trump’s proposed wall and “America first” mantra. Some are boycotting American brands like McDonalds, Walmart and Starbucks with hashtags #adiosstarbucks and #adiosproductosgringos trending. Others say the solution is Mexico first #somosmexico! And others are just taking their frustrations out on Donald Trump piñata, the new party favorite.

In Mexico, a party isn’t a party without a piñata from batman to Mickey Mouse or a Disney princess.

These days, there’s a new paper Mache doll in town. President Donald Trump. Genoveva tells us she only has one left.

So she was explaining that part of the reason it took so long for us to find a Donald Trump piñata is because they sell out as soon as they get here.

Then, of course, they get smashed to smithereens here, at a Christmas party for an opposition political party. One of the many ways, big and small, that Mexicans are retaliating against trump’s border wall and threats to fund it with a 20 percent tax on Mexican goods.

Another option: boycotts against brands like McDonalds, Walmart and Starbucks. The hashtags #adiosstarbucks and #adiosproductosgringos started trending after trump signed an executive order for the construction of the wall. But some consumers say the campaigns hurt Mexicans.

The companies that operate in Mexico, in reality are Mexican owned franchises and the workers are Mexican,” he says, “so it’s an own goal. The trick isn’t to boycott, because we’re hurting our people,” she says. “We have to produce good things.

At this small restaurant featuring burritos from northern Mexico, clients say buying Mexican is easy.

I prefer Mexican food a thousand times over,” he says. “American food is horrible.

Nonetheless, the single biggest concern is over the fate of Nafta. The trade deal has favored Mexican exports to the United States by far its biggest trading partner. Mexico is also he’s the second largest market for us exports.

The very public standoff has prompted Mexicans to rally around their normally unpopular leader, Enrique Pena Nieto. On Wednesday, he launched a campaign “Hecho en Mexico” made in Mexico.

Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexican President said, “We have the capacity to open ourselves to the world, to compete with the best and to be the best in the world!”

If the frustration is just too much they can follow the lead of former president vicente fox and whack away at a piñata.