Lawmakers discuss override of Governor Baker’s veto of pay raises

Baker has called the bill "fiscally irresponsible."

BOSTON (AP) — Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s veto may not be the last word on Beacon Hill pay raises.

The House and Senate are scheduled to hold formal sessions on Thursday and both chambers could vote on whether to override the veto of the bill that would give annual pay raises to top legislators, statewide elected officials and judges.

The bill passed the House by a 115-44 margin and the Senate 31-9. Based on those votes, critics of the proposed pay hikes need to swing at least 10 votes in the House or five in the Senate to sustain the veto.

Baker has called the bill “fiscally irresponsible.” It would cost the state about $18 million annually.

Legislative leaders say higher salaries would help attract and retain highly-qualified leaders in state government.


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