“Fashion police” attack President Trump’s tie

GQ suggested the president "swap this monstrosity for a skinnier tie"

(CNN) – The new President is getting a red flag for his red ties from some in the fashion industry.

When Jon Stewart came out flinging his endless red tie, you didn’t have to be a fashionista to know who he was mocking. “Super long tie and dead animal on head. Boom!”

Even on dress-your-best inaugural day, there was no tie when it came to whose tie was longer. However, when the wind blew, there it was, tape, the second time Donald Trump had been caught with his tape showing, inspiring tweets like “ran over to Macy’s to pick up a Trump brand tie clip and this “scotch tape is great again” hat to go with his tie.”

The fashion police want the President to say so long to ties that are so long. Business insider called the length “sad.” “Crimes against cravats” screamed a headline. “The CVS receipt” of ties compared his neck wear to the notoriously long drugstore receipts. “If Trump’s tie were any lower it would be his approval rating” tweeted Seth Myers show. But why oh why does a man with his own line of ties wear them so long?

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch has a theory. “I think he is thinking he’s hiding his gut creating an elongating sensation which is pointing down to where we don’t want to go.”

The rule is that the end of your tie is supposed to hit right at the middle of your belt.  Your tie should not touch the chair when you sit. It should not be almost as long as your arms.  GQ suggested the president “swap this monstrosity for a skinnier tie”

“I dressed myself greatly” reads this New Yorker cartoon. But maybe regular guys like that this president’s no fashion plate. He’s a plate held together with scotch tape.

Bloch said, “Maybe we can use the tape to cover his mouth instead.”

That’s hitting below the belt, like the President’s ties do.