Breaking down the budget of the Super Bowl

One person who won't get paid is Lady Gaga.

(CNN) – If you want to go to the big game, it’s going to cost you. The lowest price on seat geek right now runs in the $2,000 range.

A listing on the 50-yard line in the lower level is running for nearly $24,000, but you can get tickets in that same section for about $5,000.

Companies wanting to cash in will have to pay a pretty penny.

The average price of a 30-second commercial is about $5 million. That’s up from about $4.8 million last year.

One person who won’t get paid is Lady Gaga.  Like recent past performers, she won’t get a cent from the NFL for her half-time show, but don’t feel sorry for the mother monster.

Bruno Mars and Beyoncé saw their album sales skyrocket after the Super Bowl.

Whether you watch for the commercials, the music, or even the game, the Super Bowl spectacle will be super expensive.