2017 Motocross Nationals coming back to Southwick

Photo courtesy: The Westfield News

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The Select Board discussed the 2017 Motocross Nationals at their Tuesday night meeting. Rick Johnson of The Wick 338, spoke to the board members about the great support the nationals got from the town last summer as he expects the same for this year’s event.

“We certainly have one of the strongest fan bases in the country, and growing,” said Johnson.

According to Johnson, the title sponsor for the 2017 race will continue to be Red Bull and NBC will do the live broadcast for the event on July 8.

There are also three new affiliates that will be joining the 2017 nationals, the Metropolitan Sports Committee, J-Day Sprint Enduro, and J-Day Bar X Bar.

Johnson also mentioned a number of additions to the national event. About 1,000 feet of additional new fencing will be added around the course, a new infield VIP suite, and a relocation of the old finish line buildings so there will be room for a retail store.

The amount of money that the nationals brought into the area last year was also discussed, as businesses collectively throughout Western Mass. brought in anywhere from $1.3 to $1.4 million. Johnson said that several hotels from Westfield, West Springfield, and near Bradley International Airport in East Windsor, Conn., all prospered during national’s weekend.

The Select Board also went through the 2017 schedule that Wick 338 has put together. Last year, there were 25 racing events, this year there will be 26. For non-racing events, there were nine last year and this year there will be 12.