The best, worst & weirdest protest signs

One sign read, "Will trade 1 Trump for 10,000 refugees"

(Credit: CNN/Getty Images)

(CNN) – Those protesting the Trump administration’s immigration policies may be angry, but that doesn’t stop them from having a sense of humor with their protest signs.

From “Will trade 1 Trump for 10,000 refugees,” to the actual welcome mat one guy brought to show support for immigrants, there were many memorable signs at protests.

And it wasn’t just humans displaying signs. One dog proclaimed itself an “alternative cat,” which is a play on the phrase “alternative facts” coined by a Trump adviser.

The kid brigade displayed signs that were critical. One kid held a sign saying, “Keep your tiny hands off of my big future,” and another read, “Donald Trump is very weird.” There were also sweet ones, including one that read, “I like everyone.”

A list of the dumbest protest signs included, “This pizza was brought by immigrants.”

The sign brought by one woman said there are so many dangerous policies coming from this administration, “I had to buy a reusable protest sign.”