Northampton student’s request for gender neutral bathrooms granted

John F. Kennedy Middle School will be adding two on the second floor

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton School Superintendent John Provost told 22News there are now gender neutral bathrooms in all six Northampton schools.

He said, “Our practice of providing gender neutral bathrooms has been a part of making sure that all students and staff are respected and honored.”

Provost said the schools have had single stall bathrooms since he arrived in the district two years ago. Now John F. Kennedy Middle School will be adding two gender neutral bathrooms on the second floor.

“It definitely has become the norm for students and staff,” said Provost. “As I said I’ve been in the district for two years, the district has had gender neutral bathrooms for that entire time, and I’ve never had a single complaint.”

The school superintendent said the decision to add additional gender-neutral bathrooms to the middle school came from the students themselves. He said a student group suggested the idea to the school.

One Northampton parent said she’s impressed by the students. Janet Casey said, “I think it really says a lot that the idea was inspired by the students and not by the adults. I think that’s very telling of the generations that are young now coming up that totally see this thing as a non-issue.”

Separate gender-specific restrooms as well as faculty restrooms are still located in the schools.