Baker urging legislative pay raise opponents to call lawmakers

Governor says $18M plan is fiscally irresponsible

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts House and Senate appear to have enough votes to override Governor Charlie Baker’s veto on pay raises for lawmakers this week.

Baker vetoed the $18 million pay raise package, calling the proposal “fiscally irresponsible.”

We are getting a lot of strong opinions on these legislative pay raises, here on and on the 22News Facebook page. Governor Baker is urging opponents of the proposal to make their voices heard by calling state lawmakers.

Still, the House and Senate seem to have veto-proof majorities to override Baker’s veto; paving the way for expensive salary increases for themselves, the state’s six constitutional officers, and judges- all paid for by you, the taxpayer.

If five state senators or ten state representatives flip their votes, there will be no pay raise.

Want to express your support or opposition to the legislative pay increase? To find your local lawmaker, and their contact information, visit