Amherst issues statement welcoming immigrants

Appointed officials say it's not the town's job to enforce immigration law.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The town of Amherst is notifying residents that immigrants and undocumented people are always welcome, despite President Trump’s recent executive orders. The letter was co-written by the town manager, chief of police, and superintendent of public schools.

These three appointed officials said in the letter that they’re committed to protecting everyone regardless of race, color, religion, or immigration status.  The town says they’re not responsible for enforcing immigration laws. The school district promises to enroll and serve every child in the town regardless of immigration status or lack of documentation.

“We’re not making a political statement,” Superintendent Michael Morris told 22News, “but making a human statement to everyone living in Amherst and everyone who interacts with Amherst, and lives in Amherst, or comes here for other reasons.” He said the statements in the letter represent “the way we approach our work.”

Meanwhile, the police department says they won’t ask the immigration status of anyone who is a victim of, witnesses, or commits a crime unless it’s relative to the case.
Police also won’t share this information with immigration enforcement officers, unless they ask for it.

This letter is being sent to all families in the school district, and is on the town’s website.

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